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Remove bandage from the tattooed area after recommended hours. Once removed, wash the tattoo with luke-warm (not too hot, not too cold) water and DIAL GOLD Non-Scented Antibacterial Soap, this will be the ONLY soap you will use while washing your tattoo, THREE times a day during the healing process of 30 days.

Make sure that you wash your hands before washing the tattoo, it is very important. If you don’t, you are defeating the purpose. We also suggest washing your hands with the same soap (Dial) before washing the tattoo. Wash the tattoo as if you are washing you hands, not too hard, nor soft, as you are trying to remove most of the plasma rising from your tattoo. Do NOT scrub the tattoo. The first few days of washing the tattoo are the most important. Try not to wear tight clothing around the tattooed area, especially during the first week. Your tattoo’s plasma can stick and dry to your clothing, this does not feel pleasant when you take it off. Your tattoo and the surrounding areas will be a little sore and feel similar to a bruise or a burn for a few days to a week, this is normal.

After you wash the tattoo the FIRST time, let it air-dry for 5-10 Minutes, then gently put on a THIN layer of CUREL, Fragrance-Free Lotion. Only use this type of lotion, using scented lotion and soap can cause a reaction, burn and cause your tattoo to not heal correctly. Apply the lotion after washing your tattoo three times a day, also apply lotion when the tattoo seems dry through-out the day. DO NOT use A&D.

With the exception of the first wash, you will only pat dry your tattoo with a clean, white paper towel during the healing process. NO drying your tattoo with Bath towels, or touching your tattoo with washcloths or other threaded towels/shower items, due to all of them harboring BACTERIA, which will highly infect your tattoo.

DO NOT touch, pick, or scratch your tattoo, as this will only damage your tattoo. Don’t put your money to waste, nor your’s or your artist’s time. If your tattoo itches, SMACK IT. Scabbing and Flaking is normal. Be sure to carefully wash your tattoo when scabs have formed. DO NOT forcefully remove them while washing your tattoo; let them come off on their own.

DO NOT submerge or soak your tattoo in water for 30 days, although showers are always fine to take. Please make sure to avoid direct contact with water spray when at all possible. Also refrain from taking steaming hot showers through the healing process. (Ink will be pulled out from the temperature of the water and your tattoo will scar.) Before ending your shower, make sure no conditioners or shampoos are on the tattooed area.

STAY OUT OF Swimming pools, Baths, Jacuzzis, Lakes and Oceans for 30 Days. The chlorine and or bacteria from these masses of water will infect your tattoo and or damage the tattooed area. Also STAY OUT OF tanning beds, and try to keep your tattoo out of the sunlight for the next 30 days of healing. Make sure you always cover your tattoo(s) with sunscreen AFTER its healed whenever exposed to sunlight or UV rays. Your tattoo will fade, and the work will have to be re-worked, or touched up, costing more money for you in the end.

If you have any problems, questions, concerns, please feel free to contact us. We offer FREE touch-ups after your tattoo(s) healed.  An appointment is needed for all touch-ups, and you can schedule it anytime you’d like after it’s healed. If you have a touch up scheduled, please make sure you show up for it, they still affect our schedule and or other appointments! A 24-hour cancellation notice is very much appreciated!